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About how to order online shops

About online shop member registration

(1) By registering as a member, there is no need to enter your address etc. for the second and subsequent shopping, so you can make shopping smoothly.
* Multiple delivery address registration is possible.
② Points are accumulated. [The attached point is 100 yen and 1 point]
* The Shinakova point that the customer owned on the old site has been inherited.
* It can be used for "1 point 1 yen" when shopping.
③ You can check the purchase history.
④ In addition, there are also benefits such as members -only novelty presents.
⑤ The product in the cart is stored in the cart for about one month.
* It is not in the state of the "reserve".Please note.

● If you want to know more about points, from here



New member registration method

(1) Access the "Login (My Page)/Member Registration" page.

Member registration

(2) Click "Create an account".

sign up

(3) Enter the required information and press the registration button,The TOP screen is displayedThe creation of an account (member registration) is completed.
* "Member registration completion email" (see the image below) will be sent to the entered e -mail address.Completion of registration

(4) If you want to continue registering your address, click "Login (My Page)/Member Registration" again.
Press Managing the address of the My count page. (See the image below)

Address registration

(5) Press New address. (See the image below)

Address registration

(6) Enter the necessary information.
Check "Set this address as the default"
You will not need to enter the delivery address when ordering. (See the image below)
※"Company Name"➡Please enter if the destination is a company. (Any)


(6) When the input is over, press the "Add a new address" button, and
Return to My Page screen.


 ▶ Click Coco if you would like a new member registration

・ You cannot register the same email address.
・ If you cannot register even after pressing the registration button after inputting the required items,
Sorry to trouble you, but please contact us.


[Confirmation email has not arrived]
● If you do not receive the membership registration completion email even after 10 minutes or more,
Because it may be sorted to spam mail
Please check the mail folder.
● If it has not reached the spam folder,
Sorry to trouble you [For customers who do not receive emails] Please also check.

* in advance to prevent important emails.
Please set the domain.

● Feel free to do so if you have any questions, such as membership registration, password setting, etc.
Please contact us.

HerePlease click and from the inquiry form.

Phone number: 06-6944-1103/ Phone reception hours: 10: 00-17: 00 (Mon-Friday)



About payment method (type)

You can choose from four types of credit cards, cash on delivery, bank transfer, and Amazon account.

In the case of bank transfer, the bank account is as follows.
You can choose a convenient account for your customer.
* Please note that we cannot accept anything other than the following.

・ Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Temmabashi Branch 座 0202286
・ Resona Bank Kitahama Branch Ordinary 4579300
・ Shiga Bank Osaka Branch 座 0406160
・ Account name Ibe Co., Ltd. (each line)
* The bank transfer fee will be borne by the customer.


about shipping cost

・ A uniform nationwide 550 yen
・ The purchase amount isFree shipping on 11,000 yen (tax included) or more
・ Some shipping costs may be charged separately. In that case, please check the product page.


About cash on delivery fee

・ 330 yen nationwide
The purchase amount isFree fee for 11,000 yen (tax included) or more


About delivery destination

It is possible to deliver to your home or designated address (in Japan).



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