What is the sense of craftsmen who create one in the world?

~ Very popular in ShinakobaRemake bag。 Coverage the production site of gem that shines in craftsmanship ~

One day in December 2021, in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, which is working on a popular up -cycle bagIn "H.H.Design Laboratory"Order and custom, repair maintenance, etc.I went to Higuchi's atelier.


~ SDGs ・ Born unused items that cannot be sold into valuable items-

This product (remake bag)Is inevitable in the product production process, "scraps (such as cut ends of fabric)" and "unable to sell, including scratches, dirt, discoloration, etc."Reborn by the craftsmanIt is a thing born from the initiative.

For example, the body part of the bag is created with non -sold pants that have been scratched, and the genuine leather part of the handle uses a piece that comes out when creating leather jackets.

In this way, it is a quaint characteristic and attractive, combined based on things that can not be destroyed as it is."One product in the world"I will make it.

Regarding unavoidable items, there are discoloration, coloring, scratches, tears, and various things in various conditions. The craftsmen combine them as "one design" and tailor them by reliable handicrafts.

And we, Sinakoba, this"Special gem"I hope we can deliver it to as many customers as possible.

SDGs: Up -cycle because it is Shinakoba.

● The value of the up -cycle is further enhanced by the quality of the shinakoba product, the concept of remake products (including impressions), and delivered different reuse products to customers. (Up -cycle is to increase the value of things itself by giving new value to waste and unnecessary items).

● This up -cycle will continue as one of the "efforts to reduce waste items", which is also responsible for a company.

The base of the remake tote is "Shinakoba Men's Pants"

The remake bag is completed by Higuchi's handicraft.

The production process is roughly divided into four courses.

① Check the whole status of the pants and understand the usable points

② Dust to 4 parts (such as cutting products (barrels))

③ Prepare the design (selection of emblem, design decision, etc.)

④ Sewing -finishing

This time, I showed you the process of ① to ③.

The product sent from Shinakoba "Where is the design point?(At this time, we will also understand the characteristics of the fabric)From the whole picture while paying attention toFocusing on design pointsOnQuicklyIt seems to be grasped.
Then, if you can check the design point, enter the process of removing the product.

● Cut the hem
● Cut the waist belt part
● Solve the sewing thread and separate it to the front and rear parts

The processing process is "speed game"

Higuchi representative

"I don't have to spend time or spend because I want to dismantle it quickly and see the whole picture."
"Because the design becomes important, the process up to that point will be done quickly."

 Remake bag made by craftsmen

"In the shortest distance while imagining in your head"

While proceeding with each process, I feel like I'm going one step away in my head.
After unwinding the first pants, reach out to the next pants and proceed with the same process.

Is it a bicolor or a similar color?
What is the design point?
Solve the thread while imagining various patterns.

Higuchi representative

"Work while reading ahead and thinking about how many things at the same time.
Proceed in your head while thinking about the next action. "

I finished two pants in no time.
And here is the "main subject", which is importantdesign"is.

Higuchi representative

"There is no point in making things that you want to have."
"that's whyTo take the most time to the design partI think it is important how other processes can proceed efficiently in a short time. "


Higuchi representative

I want to use the original pants design(Pocket can be used as a pocket), so if you want to put an emblem at one point,Sewing, sewing, and re -sewing again.If it is a general remake bag, it is often the case that you can hit the sewing machine from above and play the role of a pocket.

Unwind the sewn object and sew again. This really takes time.
The reality is that other companies don't try to do it because it takes time.
However, Higuchi cherishes his work and values ​​the "use of the original" process.


Higuchi representative

"I really failed to come here."

Before meeting Shinakoba, Higuchi said a lot of remake bags.

Higuchi representative

"It's not easy to make it look like. I created one problem, and when I created one, I felt like there was a problem again."

He showed me a bag of various failed works.
Because of this, Higuchi is able to produce while considering the speed and design of the Shinakoba remake bag, and the "brand value and the image of customers who use it". I heard the story.

Troop error

Like "better things" and "I can do more"Seriously face to create things, greedy, strict with yourself, and beyondI think that "high quality" is finished.

There is only sympathy for the craftsman's "not satisfied" feeling.

Always act while thinking about "what to do and how to do it".
I think I'm trying to find the best "best" that matches the time.


Many Sinakoba customers value their worldview very much. I have a lot of happy words "because it's a shinakoba" every day, so I think that "Remake Tot" must be made more than our expectations.

And that was also felt by Higuchi.One tote bag in the world that maximizes the image of the Shinakoba brand"

The quality of the quality of the shinakova product further enhances the value of the upscape back,
It is completely reborn with the experienced Higuchi representative design.

Please look forward to the future "Shinakoba -up cycle product".

Remake bag



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Thank you very much to Higuchi and staff who responded while you were busy. We look forward to your continued support.


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