Brand Concept

What is SINA COVA?

~ Marine Lifestyle BRAND ~

A wonderful view of nature surrounding the islands floating in the Mediterranean,
Marine sports such as sailing and cruising there
It is a brand born in Italy that started with the concept.

Vividly designed with a playful design that is particular about the details, the beautiful emerald blue of the Mediterranean, the green on the islands, the red, orange, and yellow reminiscent of the sunset.
It is based on a variety of colors.

Sales in Japan were started in earnest, and it fits the trend of the times.A mix of functional sportswear and sophisticated townwear for adultsdidMarine taste brandAt the same time as evolving to
More people can support (wear).

In recent years, functionality, quality, etc. have been recognized, and the number of cinnaco bans that you love as golf wear has increased rapidly.Professional golfer Katsunari Takahashiof
As a result, many golfers regardless of professional ama
He enjoys playing with Shinakoba fashion.

\ Grazie /

Unwavering quality and product power

Currently, Ibe Co., Ltd., which is planning, producing and operating Shinakoba in Japan, has learned a lot from the failure of overseas production quality, which was developed in Italy in Japan as it was in Japan.
He continues to have a "commitment to quality" and has reached the present.

80-90 % of the products are produced in Japanese sewing factories, and the fabric is composed of a lineup centered on Sinakova original.

For example, even if you take a T -shirt type 1, you can partially change the material and parts according to the scene you wear, change the pattern and sewing specifications, and make the trouble of each process.
* Items and materials that are difficult to sew in Japan are produced at overseas contract sewing factories with strict standards.

The fabric used is selected a high -quality product that the planning room (designer, merchandiser) paid to the comfort and appearance, such as the feel of the texture, the goodness of the skin, the glossy and solid feeling.

In the future, I would like to continue to propose fashion and marine lifestyle that shakes customers' sensitivity, with the independent charm and brand power of Sinakova's "high quality and high quality".

Koba Adriana -Suzanna

Established SINA COVA

Koba Adriana -Suzanna, who has played various sports such as skiing and yachts, has participated as a ski player in the Sapporo Olympics (1972).
In 1976, a company was founded in the Bergamo region of Krno, northern Italy.

Encounter of fate that will be converted from clothing wholesale business to apparel business ...

Encounter between Ibe Co., Ltd. and Sina Cova

"Sell overseas brand clothes."

According to the president's decision, the company made a big deal of apparel sales.
What was the heart of the employees at the moment when the company changed a lot?
In some cases, people and companies have to make a big decision in the trend of time. 1979, Ibe Co., Ltd.SINACOVAWe have started importing and selling.

At the beginning of it, we inconvenienced customers in various ways ...

Japan Cova Japan deployment

With Ibe Co., Ltd.SINACOVAThe company will make a full -scale sales in Japan by comprehensive business tie -up at yotting wear.

Conclude a license agreement for product production

SINACOVAA license agreement for product production will be concluded, and then the manufacturing site will gradually move to Japan.

Discontinuation of production in Italy

After that, we will work together to gradually expand the range of customers by combining Italian sense and Japanese manufacturing technology.

The ship with the thoughts of unwavering products started a new voyage from here.

SINA COVA directly managed store Open

Opened the Shinakoba shop as the first directly managed store in Kobe Motomachi.

30 years with mountains and valleys

SINACOVA30th anniversary of Japan

Looking back, 30 years have happened.
Relationship with customers who have accumulated carefully for a year and one year.

● As a 30th anniversary, we sell limited quantity commemorative + reprinted polo shirts.
● A navy jacket with embroidered "30th anniversary anniversary" for changing the shinakoba stuffed toy.

Ibe Co., Ltd. obtains a master license

Cobba Adriana -Suzanna, a brand founder, continued cooperation as an advisor for Ibe Corporation.

Developed store development

1994 "SINA COVA Akasaka store" is opened.
1994 "SINA COVA Matsuyama store" is opened.
2001 "SINA COVA Hotel Nikko Osaka Store" is opened.
2001 "SINA COVA Nishi -Umeda store" is opened.
2010 "SINA COVA Namba Walk Store" is opened.
( * The Namba store has been left for relocation on January 23, 2022)
2012 "SINA COVA Hiroshima store" is opened.
2014 "SINA COVA Yokohama Motomachi store" is opened in Motomachi, Naka -ku, Yokohama.
2015 "SINA COVA Haneda Airport Store" is opened.
2018 "SINA COVA Sapporo store" is opened.
2018 "SINA COVA Asahikawa store" is opened.
2019 "SINA COVA Okinawa store" is opened.

2022/02/01 renewal

Online shops and brand sites are integrated and reopened

We have renewed the online shop site (this site) so that customers can make it easier to shop.

The origin of the logo and the shinakoba color

The captain with the pipe represents the "Lupo Di Mare (Lupo Di Mare)", a "strong and strong captain", and symbolizes Marine, the theme of Sinakoba.

A wonderful scenery of nature surrounding the islands in the Mediterranean. The concept of marine sports such as sports fishing is based on a variety of colors, such as red, orange, and yellow, reminiscent of the beautiful emerald blue of the Mediterranean, green on the islands, and the islands.