Shipping policy

■ About the shipping company

We will deliver it at Yu -Pack (Japan Post Co., Ltd.).
Although it depends on the delivery area, it will be delivered around <3 to 7 days> after shipping the product.
* In the case of shipping from a directly managed store, it is either Yamato, Sagawa, Seino, Fukuyama Transport.
I will ship.
* We cannot accept the wishes of the shipping company due to customer reasons.
* If some areas, year -end and New Year holidays, bad weather, etc. are delayed than above.
Please note that it may not be possible to deliver at the desired date and time.

■ About delivery fee

・ A uniform nationwide 550 yen
Free shipping on the purchase price of 11,000 yen or more

■ About cash on delivery fee

・ 330 yen nationwide
Fees are free if the purchase price is 11,000 yen or more

■ About delivery overseas

We are preparing right now.

■ About gifts

We will respond for free.
We will send you a gift wrapping service in the Shinakova original gift box to those who wish.
At that time, the price of the product bill will be separately sent.
We will also ship with a handbag.
* Gift wrapping may not be possible due to the size of the product.
It is the largest size and the size of about one ordinary sweater.
Please note that we cannot respond to bigger products.
The smallest size can support socks.
* The same shipping such as message cards is not possible.
* Addition of wrapping cannot be changed after your order is confirmed.
Thank you for your understanding.
~ How to select a gift ~
There is a wrapping specification button on the details screen of the desired product.
If you wish, select "Yes" and click "Add to the cart".

■ About the delivery destination of novelty

The novelty for gifts at the event will be sent to the delivery destination with the same product.
When delivering directly to the present with a gift, the novelty reaches the present
Please note that it will not reach the gifts.

■ About the store receipt

We do not hand over at stores.
Thank you for your understanding.