Born from the sea to land ~ Up cycle ~

Make a back with the discarded sail cross

A yacht that goes through the wind. Sail (sail) necessary to proceed on the waterside.

Sail is replaced and discarded if it hurts.

In Sinakoba, who loves the sea and proposes Marine Rystile, I thought that it could be used.

"From the sea to land" "For things that can be useful in our daily lives, things that snuggle up ..."


From the sea to land ~ Up cycle! Trajectory to the sale of sail bags

We have been recruiting sails at SINACOVA handling marina (this time only in a certain marina in Kanto).

Then, the response was greatly provided by the present (December 2021). In addition, there is also an inquiry on the article on the magazine "Monthly Kazi | Jogusha" about yacht boats, and provided a sail, and the response is more than expected, and the announcement of the nationwide expansion has been announced. Currently, we are not recruiting. We will report when it is resumed.



Sailbag "gift" as a return item for sail providers

The craftsman judges the size of the sail, the condition and the scratches, and determines the number of bags.

Therefore, at the time of the provision, the person in charge will contact you at a later date, including "processing or not."

Depending on the size of the sail, about 3 to 10 pieces (not confirmed)

You will have time to minimize two months to maximum half a year.

59,400 yen to 85,800 yen (tax included)
* December 2021 Sales
* Currently, we are not recruiting sails.

Tailor into one bag in the world.
How long have you received the sea breeze on the sea? The expression changes depending on the texture of each sail. You can attach a shinakobu patch according to the tasteful expression.


"Is the rust -like trace attached when the ship shakes and the sail is rubbed into the main body?"
It's fun to look at various expressions and imagine the swaying sails on the sea.


Because it is a thing to be discarded, it is not beautiful and white, but there are scratches, dirt, and sunburn on cruises.

It seems that a yacht who was running for hours on the sea for hours came to the sea.



It's like "What is this wool?" This is called "tertail" and it seems to be attached to a sail to check the flow of the wind.

It is best that all tertails are flowing in the same direction.


Since the handle tape is set around the main body, it is difficult to cause the worst situation such as putting too much luggage and the string has come off.


This time, "Large" and "Small" will be sold. Please note that there are differences in size depending on the sewing convenience and the sense of the craftsman.
Please contact us for the store to handle.




● The material itself is very strong
● Light and strong
● Fast water drying (not waterproofing)
* I put a luggage of about 10㎏, but there was no problem at all.

 ●Please contact us for the store to handle.

* Currently, we are not recruiting sails. (December 17, 2021)