Legal notice

shop's name Adult Marine Style [SINA COVA Sinakoba] We propose an adult casual resort style SINA COVA Sinakoba Official Online Shop
Dealer Ibe Co., Ltd.
Sales manager Gentaro Ibe
location 540-0012 2-4, Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka No. 4 Tanimachi Center Building
telephone number 06-6944-1103
Fax number 06-6944-1205
mail address
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Required fees other than the product price If the total purchase price is 11,000 yen or more, the shipping fee and cash on delivery fee will be served.
However, if it is less than 11,000 yen, the uniform shipping fee (550 yen) and cash on delivery fee (330 yen) will be charged.
We will bear the customer.
In principle, the bank transfer fee will be paid by the customer.
Application expiration date If you order, we will contact you by e -mail or TEL.
Defective If you are a defective product, please contact us within 7 days after the product arrives.
After returned goods by cash on delivery, we will refund the price if you exchange with a good product or wish.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for your convenience.
Please check the delivered product immediately.
Sales volume We will contact you by e -mail or TEL by inquiry.
Delivery time

■ If you have stock
The shipping date will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (There is a change in holidays)
Credit payment, AmazonPay, cash on delivery
・ Orders until 12:00 will be shipped on the day. (Please note on the shipping date)
・ Orders after 12:00 will be shipped the next day.
・ Orders other than business hours will be shipped after the next business day.

It will be shipped after confirming the transfer.
In addition, please transfer within 2 weeks (14 days) from the order date.
Please note that the order may be canceled after the deadline.

We also accept delivery of the desired delivery date.
* Normally, it is delivery of the next day after the shipping date or the next day. (Excluding some areas)
The delivery date varies depending on the delivery area, so we will contact you.

■ If there is no stock
・ If you wish to have a product without stock, we will contact you after confirming the inventory of the directly managed store.
Please note that it may take about 4 to 7 days to deliver.
・ Please note that we may take time from the desired delivery date.
* Some products cannot be ordered, such as when sold out, so
Please note that we will contact you in that case.
・ Transfer customers are shipped after payment is confirmed.

■ Delivery date specification
・ The shortest delivery date to the order date will be delivered to the convenient delivery date.
* Please note that if you order, you may not be able to meet your request.
・ Transfer customers are shipped after payment is confirmed.

payment method

・ Cash on delivery mail
・ Postal transfer
・ Credit card payment (AMAZONPAY is also available)
・ Bank transfer (Shiga Bank / Resona Bank, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank)
 ※Please transfer within 2 weeks (14 days) from the order date.Please note that the order may be canceled after the deadline.

Payment deadline Cash on delivery = Product delivery
Bank transfer, postal transfer = within 5 business days after ordering
Expiration date Within 7 days after the product arrives
Returning postage Please forgive for your convenience. However, defective products and misplaced delivery exchanges
We will pay our company.
Handling product General clothing, accessories
Permit / qualification none