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Libro di stile Autunno/Inverno 2023


Libro Coordinamento Autunno/Inverno 2023

A glimpse of Shinakoba fashion

Past"SINACOVAWhy don't you look into the catalog "little by little?

It records the Sinako Bakatalog and what was popular in that era.


People from all over the world began to prepare new rhythms, and attention was focused on remote work clothes.


Unexpected things happened, and the fashion industry faced the biggest crisis. However, there is no "clothes disappear".


It was a year when it was called classic regression.Cargo pants from the 90's revival ...


The trend color for spring and summer seems to be saxophone blue. And the autumn / winter key color is white.


The setup was the keyword for the spring and summer trend of this year. And it seems that "relaxation" was also a point.


The biggest keyword of spring and summer fashion is "Tucky". In Japanese, bad hobbies, dumb. It seems that this was the era of valuing individuality.


Black skinny pants became popular with men, and the shawl -colored knit cardigan was also noticed and became a standard design.


White bottoms are popular for both men and women. This year, the style of wearing loafers with bare feet has become popular this year.


Wrinkles on shirts etc. were trendy, and leather was a trendy year in autumn and winter.


Shinako Bacatalog Publishing 2010-1982Collection


It was a year when the popularity of Leopard patterns in the men's world and the popularity of cropped pants.


The year of the "Dadeglasses" fashion, Rompers & Salopetto has also become popular.


The year when the high -performance inner became popular and Marine look was attracting attention.


This is the year when "Cool Biz" became a hot topic. It is the year when the popularity of luxury jeans began to appear.


Printing items such as camouflage patterns and leopard prints were popular, and women were in a very popular camisole style.


In the world, the 70's boom, mode -based fashion, and maxi coat were popular.


The year when the age of the 3rd import boom is highlighted


Product development with an attractive knit pattern


The atmosphere of marine that gradually becomes stronger


CurrentSINACOVAI can't imagine. For mode fashionable catalog.


With the arrival of the Italian import boom, women's pants look became popular and wide pants became popular


Started children's clothing at Shinakoba. The gorgeous color was perfect for children's clothing.


DC brand fashion is a year when conservatives were revived and backpacks were very popular.


The main trendy color is monotone. This year was the year when the popularity of Japanese leading fashion designers began to risen.


Shinakoba Japan's first catalog is overseas design catalog. It was a stylish and unique design. In the world, monotones such as black were very popular.

Coordination book Viaggio

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