Privacy policy

Ibe Co., Ltd. complies with laws and regulations on personal information protection.
We will strive to protect personal information as follows.

1. Purpose of use of personal information

When we provide personal information from a customer, we will send out products in apparel companies, inform them of related after -sales services, new products and services, and our products and services.
I will use it for the purpose of improving.
Unless you have consent in advance, you can use your personal information other than the above.
is not.

2. Provision to third parties

It is to disclose and provide personal information provided by customers to third parties without the consent of customers.
I don't have it. However, the disclosure of personal information is based on laws and regulations, or based on the orders of court and government agencies.
If requested, that is not the case.
In addition, personal information may be deposited to the business consignment where the safety management of personal information has been taken.

3. Management of personal information

We are appropriate to prevent leakage and leakage of personal information to safely manage your personal information.
We are taking safety measures.

4. Inquiry about personal information

If we have offered to disclose, correction, suspension of use, etc. from the customer, the Company is offered.
It is at our company that the person who was done was the person himself or who was delegated by the customer.
We will respond if you can confirm.
However, if there is a risk of harm the rights of the person or the third party, or if it violates other laws and regulations
You may not be able to disclose it. The reception desk is the Ibe Corporation General Affairs Department.

5. Revision of the contents

The Company may revise the content of this policy as needed or necessary.

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