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Stretch pleated pants with Sinacova embroidery casually near the front pocket and piping of paisley pattern on the lining.

The material is a relaxed pants that does not become too rough and comfortable by using a punch material that has a solid fabric feeling that is similar to jersey fabric.
There is also a contact cold and UV care function, which is also recommended as summer pants.

The navy color can be used in the W tailored jacket (22133010) and the setup.


material/Country of origin

100 % cotton Sui Pima Cotton Punch Royal Cool/Made in Japan


 Contact cold, UV cut

 Royal Cool (contact coolness)・ ・ ・ It is a processing material that makes you feel cool and comfortable when touching the skin. In the cold -temperature test in a public test organization, we recorded amazing 0.304. Due to the improvement of cotton, it is a smooth and stretchy fabric with a smooth touch, hard to transparent even in white.

Sui Pima Cotton... Cotton is considered to be more expensive the longer the fiber length, and one of the high -quality cotton, which is cultivated by breeding, is called "super long fiber cotton" pima cotton. increase.
Pima cotton (Supima), which is from the United States and boasts the finest quality, is an abbreviation for high -grade pima.

Punch... Punch material is a double -sided or double -sided fabric using wool yarn, polyester, cotton thread, etc. It is elastic and has a firm fabric feeling. It is a fabric similar to jersey material, but is a more solid fabric.

Size specs (cm

M: Waist (rubber rising) (81) hip (108) Insulation (76) Ride (bottom belt) (22)

L: West (rubber rising) (87) hip (115) Insulation (76) Right (bottom belt) (23)

LL: West (rubber rising) (93) hips (122) Ins butt (76) Right (bottom belt) (24)

Color: Navy

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