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It is a backprint short -sleeved T -shirt with a large captain motif on the back print.
The front desk is a one -point design of LUPO DI MARE (seawolf = Sinakoba Captain) with embroidery, and it is a first place with a strong presence in summer single wear.
Color variations are also available in color that matches the modern trend and the synthesis theme, and the unprecedented freshness is one of the attractions.

material/Country of origin

100 % cotton 40/2 Come Tyashisu/Made in Japan


40/2 Koma Tenjiku・ ・ ・ It is a tenniti fabric that twisted two thin threads called No. 40 and knitted one. By twisting two thin threads, it will make it feel softer than when knitted with one thick thread. It refers to a thread with only long fibers, and is generally regarded as a high -quality cotton thread.

Size specs (cm

M: Length (68) body width (52) Shoulder width (42) Sleeve length (22)

L: Length (71) body width (55) Shoulder width (44) Sleeve length (23)

LL: Length (74) Width (60) Shoulder width (48) Sleeve length (25)

Color: Saxophone

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