[Shinakoba Online Shop] Request for password reset with the site renewal

"Registered membership information" for customers who have registered on the old site has been transferred to the new site,
The "password" that was used at the time of logging in is not linked.

【Please be careful】
If you do not reset your password, you cannot use the points held on the old site. * By resetting, you can take over points.

Therefore, the old site member has sent a "password reset email" from the shop to the old site registration e -mail address.
Sorry to trouble you, but please reset the password from the following.




For customers who have received a resetment email

 * The contents of the following image and delivery email may differ.

① Click "Go to Password Reset screen" in the email, and
Access the "Reset the password" page.

② Enter the password you have determined in the "Password column" and click "Password Reset" to complete.
* Passwords can also be entered by password used on the old site.

③ Switch to the "My Account (Member Information)" screen, which will be your own page, and the settings are completed.

④ In addition, a "password setting completion email" will be sent to the registered address.



* Please feel free to contact us for any questions.


① Read the following QR code with a smartphone camera.

QR code


● If you are a smartphone or if you can't read the QR code, please tap here ●


● When the camera is started, turn the camera to the above QR code and read the page.
● Depending on the smartphone model, the URL display will be displayed. In that case, tap (press) the displayed character.
● If you cannot read it, please feel free to contact us.

(2) The following pages will open. Enter the required information and press registration.

QR code

(3) You will receive an email for the subject "Request for Password Reset from the Shinakoba Official Online Shop" in the e -mail address you entered. Open the e -mail and tap (press) the "Reset screen of the password".

④ The "Reset password" screen is displayed.


Enter the password and press the password reset button to complete!
* If you do not know the password you put in ②, enter a "new password" on this screen and press the password reset button to complete.




Sorry to trouble you, but please contact us by phone or email.
● Inquiry Phone number: 06-6944-1103 / Phone reception hours: 10: 00-17: 00 (Mon-Friday)
●Click here for emailplease.







(1) Access the "Login (My Page)/Member Registration" page.
(2) Click "Create an account".
(3) Enter the necessary information and you're done.
* "Member registration completion email" (see the image below) will be sent to the entered e -mail address.

・ Please note that the same email address cannot be duplicated.
・ If you do not know how to register, please feel free to contact us.
New member


● Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions such as membership registration, password settings, etc.

HerePlease click and from the inquiry form.

Phone number: 06-6944-1103/ Phone reception hours: 10: 00-17: 00 (Mon-Friday)




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