About points

If you register as a member at the Shinakoba Online Shop (this site), you can accumulate points according to shopping.

● About points grant rate and how to use ●

・ The points to be given when purchased are displayed next to or below the sales amount of each product.
・ Product price (excluding tax) 100 yen will be granted 1 point.
・ Products without points are not listed.
・ Points are granted around 2-3 business days after the product shipment.
・ Even if you are a member, if you purchase a product without "login" at the time of purchase, it will not be eligible for points.
( * Please note that we will not be able to respond to the system for convenience even if you contact our shop at a later date.)

・ It can be used for shopping as 1 yen per point from the next shopping.
・ Please enter the point on the payment input screen when ordering the points.

・ The validity period of the point is two years from the point assignment date.
( * The expiration date will be described on My Page.)

・ If you order again before the expiration date, the expiration date of all your points will be updated.
・ After the expiration date, all the points you have accumulated will be disabled.

・ In the case of some points, the amount of money subtracting the usage points will be the target of the point.
・ If you shop with full point, it will not be eligible for points.

Point grant is a member -only benefit. please register.
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