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The jacket with the SINAVOVA logo with sagara embroidery and embossed is made of cardboard knit material and has excellent heat retention in addition to the stret properties. It is also recommended as a one -mile wear because gloss and firmness suppresses roughness.

You can also wear it with sweat pants (21210040) and setup.

Cardboard knit: Multi -layered structure can store air between fabrics, and the air layer reduces the effects of outside air, so it has excellent heat retention and is warm than it looks. It has a soft touch and has a stretch, and has a slightly more firm and slightly luster than sweat fabric.

Embossing, a processing method that forces pressure on a leather or fabric with a pressed type with a carved pattern, and creates a floating (embossed) pattern.

Sagara (Sagara) Embroidery ... A technique in which a thread is extracted from the back of the fabric to make a knot and draws a pattern. Another name is also called ball sewing, and it takes a lot of time and effort to produce, but unlike other embroidery, which raises the thread, the thread is hard to catch, making it more durable than any embroidery. It is used instead of a gold and silver thread but a glossy color thread, and the three -dimensional effect and the calm beauty are attractive.

【material】95 % polyester polyurethane 5 % cardboard knit

[Country of origin] Made in Japan

[Size specification]
M ... Length (68cm) Pattern (54cm) Shoulder width (44cm) Sleeve length (62cm)
L ... Length (70cm) Width (57cm) Shoulder width (46cm) Sleeve length (63cm)
LL ... Length (72cm) Pattern (60cm) Shoulder width (48cm) Sleeve length (65cm)

Color: gray

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