▽ About membership registration

Member registration

We recommend that you register as a member when using the Shinakoba official online shop.
If you register as a member, the input at the time of purchase will be smooth, you will be able to use the points that will be given at the time of purchase, the target of novelty gifts exclusively for members, and distribute information to know the information.

▽ About login

Please register your account. (Enter your email address and password)
When logging in, enter your registered email address and password.
The My count is displayed. "Manage your address"
Please enter the information with "Add a new address".

Click here for login / member registration

▽ If you forget your password
Login/Member registration setting screen "Do you forget your password?"
Please reset more.




▽ For customers who do not receive emails

■ If you are using a PC address, depending on your email software, the e -mail may enter the "Junk mail" folder.
If you do not receive the email, please check the nuisance folder.
■ If you use a smartphone address, the email may not arrive correctly due to security settings of each carrier.
Please make a setting so that you can receive emails from the following address/domain.
Depending on your email software, the e -mail may enter the "Junk mail" folder.
If you do not receive the email, please check the nuisance folder.
Please check the link below for the address/domain reception setting method.
▼ Customers using docomo (those in the e -mail address are "docomo.ne.jp", etc.)
▼ Customers who use au (those who are@ezweb.ne.jp "etc. in the email address)
▼ SoftBank customers (those who are {{ftbank.ne.jp} "," I.SoftBank.jp ", etc.)

▽ About points

At the Shinakoba official online shop, you can use it from 1 point as "1 point = 1 yen".
You can check the available points and expiration date from the My Count Page.
The expiration date of the points is two years from the final purchase date.
When returning the product, we will return the points used for the product.

▽ About newsletter

We will deliver the latest information such as recommended products, events, and sales by e -mail.
How to register and stop the newsletter should be registered for the newsletter from the lower part of the Shinakoba Online Shop.
Apply by email address. You will receive a confirmation email, so if you approve it (there is no mistake), it will be completed.
How to stop the newslet Please click "Click here to remove News" in the lower row of the distributed email.
* Even if the newsletter is stopped, the LINE will not be released.
Please block the LINE distribution from the account of the Shinakoba official online shop.

If the newsletter does not arrive, please check the following settings.
・ Release the setting of the spam mailbox
・ Domain setting reception

▽ My account

You can use the following functions for My Count Page.
・ Confirmation of order history
・ Confirmation of points, confirmation of expiration date coupon







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