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Sinakova original socks that are particular about the design and material of the border pattern designed with the silhouette of the captain's rear view.
The marine -taste logo and color scheme filled with the world view will produce a shinakoba like a shinakoba.
Linen & Lamy fabric is a socks especially recommended in spring and summer because it has good breathability and suppresses bacteria breeding.
Shinakova original socks are also popular items as gifts.

material/Country of origin

56 % cotton 24 % polyester 18 % polyurethane 2 %

Linen & Ramie/Made in Japan


Linen & Ramie・・・Linen is a hemp that has been used in Europe for a long time, and Ramy is a hemp material that has been loved in Asia, including Japan. The texture is very different, and Ramy has a unique stiffness and linen is characterized by a relatively soft texture.

Size specs (cm

F: 25-27

Color: White, gray

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