2022SS Ladies line is good.

2022 Spring / Summer New product announcement



It's still cold these days, but how are you all? ?

I tell you on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook every day,
New work in the spring / summer of 2022 has begun to be lined up in actual stores and online shops.

The absolute value of Shinakoba's design is "marine".
There is no shaking here even if the age and season change.
So what is the design for each season?
That means,

"Marine + that season's trends and Shinakova designers for the current term" are born every season.

So this time, not "men"


 Shinakoba LadiesI would like to take up a little.
 Ladies concept


It's a wonderful concept.
I praise myself, but don't worry about it.

I guess some people can't hear the sound of "ageless",
It has the meaning of "regardless of age" or "regardless of age".

And when another "relaxation" is combined there ...
Do you feel like your heart is lighter?

Recently, the lifestyle of many people around the world has changed,
Because of that, the balance between the mind and body may be lost.

Unexpectedly, I was a weak person ... I realized and lost my heart.
I have too many worries, and the thread of my heart is tired and tired.

And it may be "now" to adapt to changes little by little and gradually regain "personality".

If your lifestyle changes, the clothes you wear will change.
Even when a change occurs in your heart, the clothes you wear will change.

ShinakobaradiThe concept this season is "Relax & Ageless".

"A feeling of relaxation from clothes is born"
I want you to wear clothes that you like to be happy and happy.

~ Wear what you like whenever you like without worrying about your age-

~ The texture and comfort will open your feelings ~

~ It is hard to wrinkle and it is hard to lose shape, so you can move actively ~

ShinakobaradiWearing in both material and inner, the heart is soft,
I hope you can feel calm and relax.


Hoody Ladies