Vespa Xsina Cova Planning started

"Wearing SINA COVA and running in Kyoto with rental Vespa! ]

A free and stress -free sightseeing style that is not tied to the timetable of trains and buses.
It is a collaboration project of "Vespa Kyoto Leotanimoto Honten" and "SINACOVA" in Kyoto.
Two brands born in Italy, collaboration projects have begun based on the common points.
First of all, VESPA appears on the inside display in "Shinakoba Nishi -Umeda store"!
"Red Vespa" is displayed in a place facing the main street.
I would like you to come to the store and see the good compatibility of Belopes and Shinakoba.
Vespa & Shinakoba
and,"Rental bike of Vespa Kyoto Leotanimoto Main Store!
~ Cut the wind and dashing ... Don't hesitate to go ~

Why don't you ride a nice motorcycle in Kyoto and have a valuable experience?
Why don't you take a rental vespa and go around Kyoto?

In recent situations, there are people who have come to Kyoto and have anxiety about buses and trains.
Please try this opportunity.

* There is no obligation to wear sinacova.

[How to use]
1. Rental 819 Check the reservation status of Vespa from the homepage in Kyoto Central
2. If you have ◎ on the day you want to rent, click to enter the necessary information.
* In the case of △, please contact the store by phone.

3. Please see the "Immediate" video on the top page of the rental 819.
(You can reduce the time when you rent it)

4. Please rental procedure at the store on the day.
If you are using rental 819 for the first time, the payment method is only for the first time, the credit card in the name of the person (David Card prepaid card is not available. increase.

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We look forward to your visit.