SINACOVA POPUP STORE -Yamaha Marina Lake Biwa-

At Yamaha Marina Biwa, where you can enjoy with your family, friends and friends
Sinacova Pop Up Store appears.

Friday, April 29thFrom the Yamaha Marina Biwa Club House.

Yamaha Marina is a facility where you can enjoy cruising, fishing, and various marine sports. There are three stores nationwide, including Lake Biwa, Numazu, and Lake Hamana.

Lake Biwa is freshwater, so it's refreshing even if it gets wet!
It is the best spot for marine sports.

Wake serum, wakeboard, toing tubes, etc.
There are many plays that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

A women's group with a Wake School with a female instructor can use it with confidence even for female groups and beginners.
This season when you want to go out.
Why don't you go to play with your family and friends?
At the Shinakoba pop -up store, it can be used for marine sports
We have various products such as new works and accessories.

On this special opportunity, items that are perfect for summer and marine sportsPlease check it out.


Sinacova Popup Store

Location: 5-2-2 Shimosakamoto, Otsu City, Shiga 520-0105
Inside Yamaha Marina Biwa Club House
TEL: 077-578-2182
Business hours: 9:00 to 18:00 * From October to March from 17:00
Regular holiday: Every Tuesday * November to March every Tuesday / Wednesday closed

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Date: April 29, 2022 (Fri) ~