[Direct store] SINA COVA Horie store introduction

"Riviera coast and the Mediterranean Marine Resort Life in the Mediterranean Sea" proposes a lifestyle for clothing, food and housing.sinacova」
It is a lifestyle of a cultural person who enjoys the cheerful culture and life in Italy, and a healthy and bright fashionable style.
Marina on the Costa Merald Beach on Sarginia, which floats in the Mediterranean, an elegant resort portifino with celebrities gathering celebrities.
Is the theme.

-SINA COVA Horie store-

The appearance of the Italian Mediterranean building on the white wall and the blue door, and the interior is also a white wall, blue -gray ceiling.
A warm pink beige that is conscious of the exterior of the Portofino building is used for the relaxing space.

In addition, there are various atmosphere where you can feel Italy, such as Italian photos, Italian flags, and artificial flowers in Bougainvillea.
In addition to Italy, you can also feel the sea by decorations such as marine goods, steering wheels, squid, sailing ships, etc.

The Horie store opened on June 2, 2022 in Horie, a stylish town in Osaka.
It is about a 10 -minute walk from Yotsubashi (Exit 6) on the Yotsubashi Line and Nishi -Ohashi (Exit 4) on the Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line.
Creating a sales floor where you can feel Italy and Marine as much as you can, even in a relaxed space where you can feel Italy and marine, and even in Shinakoba.
We are trying to enjoy a fun and cozy shop with various marine miscellaneous goods.
In addition, please make various lifestyle proposals in Shinakoba and enjoy wearing in various scenes.
We are waiting for you to have a good time for customers.

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