About delivery of password resetting email

February 1, 2022 With the site renewal of the Sinakoba official online shop,
From the official online shop (Shop@sinacova.co.jp) for customers who are registered on the old siteSINA COVA [Request to reset the password]We will send you an email.

You need to reset your login password when you use points and shops on the new Shinakoba official online shop site.

* This email has a member registration on the old site and is regularly distributed to members who have not been reset. We hope you understand it.
If you do not need to reset the mail distribution, please select "Decline the invitation" on the password rest installation setting screen.

In addition, for inquiries such as [password reset] email, etc., please contact us.HerePlease.

For inquiries outside business hours, the answer will be the next business day. note that.