"Monthly GOLF & GOLF" publication information

Golf magazine specialized in Kansai
Monthly GOLF & GOLF].

~ What is "Monthly GOLF & GOLF"?

The unique golf information magazine that focused on Kansai
The only golf information magazine that is closely related to the Kansai area is "Monthly GOLF & GOLF"! From play information and gear information to entry of golf courses, we are sending out golf information centered on Kansai!
Speaking of national magazines, it is commonplace to send Tokyo. Even in the second city of Osaka, there is a lot of information in the Kanto area, but we dare to focus on golf courses in the Kansai area, provide golf information specialized in Kansai, such as open competition information, tournaments, and golf course events. Dissemination! Of course, new products such as golf gear and fashion nationwide, and serials related to lessons such as swing tips are also posted.

[Quoted source: From Country Life Co., Ltd. HP/http://www.golf-golf.co.jp/about/ 】