"Goals for a sustainable and better world by 2030"

We recognize that working on SDGs is a social responsibility for companies, especially the various problems that occur in the apparel business, and have been doing what we can do a few years ago.

Shinakoba SDGS "4 Efforts" * As of January 2022

One remark tote in the world

It will be transformed into a more valuable thing using the originally discarded materials, such as "scraps (such as cut ends of fabric)", "unavoidable items including scratches, dirt, discoloration, etc.", which are inevitable in the product production process. This up -cycle bag is part of the initiative.

From the sea to land ・ Sail bag

Sail is replaced and discarded if it hurts. In Shinakoba, who loves the sea and proposes marine rice style,
I wondered if I could use it.
Up -cycle bag focusing on sail durability.

Proposals from the planning room, the center of Shinakoba

A planning room that designed Shinakoba clothes faced SDGs.

◎ Shinakoba clothing collection campaign
◎ Abolition of spare buttons

The shinakoba product had a spare button.
The number is about 20,000 per year.
Not all spare buttons are used.

When the clothes are discarded after the role is completed, the unused spare buttons are mostly discarded.

Efforts of simple packaging at directly managed stores and online shops

One of the 3R (reuse, redus, recycling) of environmental protection indicates that they do not use excess resources in the production process and to reduce the energy applied to the processing of garbage. From the viewpoint of this redus, in Shinakoba
We started simple packaging with the aim of reducing packing materials (vinyl, plastic, paper, etc.).