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A High quality and high end brand that combines a ‘sense of Italy’and ‘Japanese fabrication’

Continuing 40 years supported by middle to high class customers in Japan

Popular among people who put emphasis on characteristics that cannot be satisfied by everyday brands

A unique brand that uses luxurious materials and intricate designs operated by a historic company that has been running the business for 97 years in Japan

Overview of SINA COVA

An apparel brand with a trademark depicting a sea captain that originated in Italy.

A marine casual wear ‘SINA COVA’ was born in 1976 in Italy.

Based on the keyword, ‘Marine’, we’ve been loved by sensible people as a fine marine style brand which combines sporting functionality and refined Italian fashion.

SINA COVA began under the concept of marine sports such as sailing and cruising on the open sea with wonderful views of nature in the surrounding islands such as Sardegna on the Mediterranean sea. The main motif of this brand is a captain holding a pipe between his teeth called ‘LUPO DI MARE’, this image was modeled on a teacher at a marine school in the port city of Genoa, Italy.

It is made with a vivid and colorful base of red, orange and yellow which reminds you of the emerald blue of the Mediterranean, the greenness of the islands and the sunset red on top of the playfully minded design that puts a special attention to detail.

Products of SINA COVA are planned and manufactured in Japan through collaborative design with Cova Adriana Susanna from Italy.


Position in Japan


Our products are passionately made with intricate designs and a sense of fun, and are targeted at wealthy people who understand the difference and can’t feel satisfied with typical global brands.

Customers in Japan are mainly company directors, seniors, doctors and lawyers who own their own boats and yachts.

It is a traditional style and they are sold at department stores together with Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and J.Press and so on.

As it is a sports brand, they line up with Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste as well.

Also, they line up together with Stone Island and Hydrogen sometimes as International brands.

On average, they are more reasonably priced compared to global high end brands, but they can be sold at higher prices than Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.



Retail network

We have 8 directly managed stores and over 150 wholesalers in Japan, We sell at specialty stores, yacht harbors and golf courses in various places.

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About the operating company

It is operated by Ibe Corporation which is a historical company that has been continuing the business for 97 years in Japan.

This company is featured in the media in Japan occasionally as a long established company.


Our Items




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Contact personnel ; Shuta Ibe

Next Exhibition

We will have an exhibition for 2018 Spring and Summer in Osaka and Tokyo.
It will be hold from Sep 4th to 8th in Osaka, and from Sep 12th to 14th in Tokyo.
If you would like to come, Please let us know.

Company Profile

Name ; IBE Co., Ltd.
Homepage ; http://www.sinacova.co.jp
Head Office ; Tanimachi Center Building 6th floor 2-4-5, Chuo-ku, Osaka
540-0012 Japan
Founded ; 1921 
Contact personnel ; Shuta Ibe
TEL (Office) ; +81-6-6944-1103
Email ; s-ibe@sinacova.co.jp